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High School

Young Life

We enter the world of kids and walk alongside them in an exciting and exhausting world. We share the hope of who kids can become and how life was designed to be. And kids experience true hope and life to the full.

Contact Carlyle Aguren, Area Director:
(972) 746-3525

Different Abilities


Young people want a place where they’re accepted, where they can have meaningful friendships, and where they can experience fun, adventure, and freedom. They also want to discover their purpose in the world. Young Life Capernaum staff and volunteers develop relationships with teenagers with disabilities where all are invited, celebrated, and needed. Those who need assistance can and should participate fully in activities that build self-esteem and challenge their limits.

Contact Laura Janse, Capernaum Coordinator:
(940) 923-8612

Middle School


Middle school kids are at a crossroads and anxious to carve out their own identities. With ​ Wyld Life leaders walking with kids in an overwhelming and amazing world, kids get to be kids while learning what life is about.

Contact Josie Ramirez, Wyldlife Coordinator:

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